Elmo's House
Artist Residency

Batan, Aklan


Batan, Aklan
December 2017


Understanding, Realization
& Comprehension

Pag-unawa is a multi-site exhibition, in collaboration with the Municipality of Batan for the Annual Batan Fiesta 2017. An art exhibition spread across various locations around Poblacion, Batan, Pag-unawa is in part a formal introduction to the community. 

Pag-unawa is the first exhibition by Elmo’s House Artist Residency, showcasing works by various artists in residence of the past year. 

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1. Pag-unawa

Group Art Show
Paniki Gallery at Elmo’s House    
December 4 – 8, 2017, 9 – 11am & 4 – 8pm

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All featured works were completed during the Residency. Exhibited along with artworks by local talents, this show offered a visual presentation of what it means to seek pag-unawa. 

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Fan 1 and Fan 2, 2017
Kuh Del Rosario
mixed media on watercolour paper

The electric fan is an important tool for survival in the Philippines. It is part of the everyday. It is present during social gatherings as well as private moments. Both Fan 1 and Fan 2 depicts such intimate scenes, unique to the experience of living in this place. 

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Learn more about Kuh's practice:


Elmo’s Rocks, 2017
Larissa Tiggelers
acrylic on watercolour paper

As the title suggests, Larissa Tiggelers took inspiration from Elmo Del Rosario’s lifetime collection of rocks. Devoid of imagery, Elmo’s Rocks distills colours into flat fields, urging the viewer to look with intention and contemplation at the quiet details of her abstract composition. 

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Find out more about Larissa's work and time here at the Residency:
(link to come)


Icon, 2017
Marc Standing
acrylic on canvas

Inspired by the religious iconographies in both public and private spaces in Batan, Marc Standing created Icon, a centerpiece for his own altar-inspired installation. Icon speaks of the spirituality and ritual that accompanies religion. Having spent considerable time in different parts of the world (South Africa, Australia, China, UK, Mexico), Standing believes understanding religion is key to knowing a particular place. 

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Read more about Marc's time here at Elmo's House:
Creating Young Universes

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Year of the Rooster, 2017
Tsēma Igharas
(artifacts of a performance piece) unfired clay, acrylic

Sabong has been part of the Filipino culture for over 4000 years. Aspects of this sport has seeped into the everyday, starting with the morning cries of the rooster. They are in your neighbor’s backyard, along highways and spilling onto the streets. Tsēma Igharas’ Year of the Rooster takes inspiration from the careand conditioning fighting cocks receive. During her residency,
she fed roosters from her painted wares as an act of participation in this important facet of Filipino culture.

Read more about Tsēma's project:
Year of the Rooster

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Apat na Bulaklak, 2017
Nancy De Mayo
newspaper, bamboo, coloured cellophane

Inspired by traditional filipino weaving and crafts, Nancy de Mayo, a local Batangnon, decided to create her own interpration using upcycled materials common in the filipino household. Over time, De Mayo perfected the process to produce a thoughtful interpretation of a long stemmed flower.

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Waiting for Dinner, 2017
Sara Reedman
acrylic on watercolour paper

At Elmo’s House, Sara Reedman contributed to the day to day aspects of the Residency. Studio time became an act of solitude and contemplation. Her paintings on paper are testaments of focus and intuitive mark making. Waiting for Dinner indicates a particular moment in the studio before the dinner bells ring.

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Untitled, 2017
Danielle Gotell
deconstructed textiles on found coral

Danielle Gotell had an ambitous, labor intensive project involving Elmo Del Rosario’s old collared shirts. After deconstructing the shirts back to its fibers, Gotell bleached and colored the fabric with natural dyes. Gotell then spun the fibers into new yarn.She used a loom to create a textile sculpture that sits on a coral, also from Elmo Del Rosario’s collection.

Find out more about the piece and Danielle's time here at the Residency:
The Steady and Deliberate Process of Danielle Gotell


Artist Stools, 2017
Jonathan Igharas
rebar, enamel, coco lumber

As an Industrial Designer, Jonathan Igharas was interested in designing furniture for the Residency using local materials. Using rebar and coco lumber, he designed a contemporary workstation with clean lines and durable structure. Shown are three of the four stools from the set.

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See the rest of the stools and work table:
Jonathan Igharas


2. Pamilya

Public Mural
JLD Hall (side entrance wall)
December 4 – 8, 2017

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Pamilya depicts the typical Batangnon family taking a leisurely ride around town in a tri-bike. Inspired by the day-to-day scenes of the town, artist Ryan Romero took inspiration from the true wealth of Batan. 

See the more of Ryan's paintings:

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Pamilya , 2017  Ryan Romero  latex on concrete

Pamilya, 2017
Ryan Romero
latex on concrete


3. Unique Batan

Video Installation
Sa Garahe at Elmo’s House    
December 4 – 8, 2017, 6 – 8pm

Unique Batan is a short video installation that developed from the 30 second Talent Show project (November 2017). Designed to gain deeper insight into the heart of the Batan people, Karilynn Ming Ho invited locals to share their skills and talents outside of the usual competition format. In Unique Batan, Ming Ho celebrates what makes each individual unique, contributing to the richness of this place.

Find out more about Karilynn's time here at the Residency:
(link to come)

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Unique Batan, 2017
Karilynn Ming Ho
digital film


4. #citizenpong

Interactive Art Installation 
Batan Town Plaza
December 4 – 8, 2017, 4 – 6pm

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#citizenpong , 2017  Bradley Harms  latex on plywood, rebar, table tennis net, ball and racquets

#citizenpong, 2017
Bradley Harms
latex on plywood, rebar, table tennis net, ball and racquets

#citizenpong is a project originally conceived for Contemporary Calgary Arts Festival in 2016. Adapted for his Residency at Elmo’s House, Bradley Harms designed this version inspired by the colors and materials he encountered around town. The rebar base was constructed by local artisan Eliazar Oliveros from Lupit, while the table top was painted by Harms in his distinct style. Ping pong acts as the entry point to engage with his art. Surpassing language
and cultural barriers, #citizenpong is a project that dismantles the white cube and makes contemporary art accessible at once. 

Read more about Brad's project:


Special Thanks

The Municipality of Batan, the Mayor’s Office, Marjorie Rosales, Sharon Idolog, Dan Laurente, Eric Del Rosario, Batan Academy, Batan Elementary School, Lyn Ventura, Nancy de Mayo, Coleen P. Sucgang & RainForest Botanical Garden, Linilla A. Felix & Family, Jester Brian C. Trinidad, Raia Tenazes & Family, Jigger Emanuel B. Panado, Karylle Depra & Family, Jester Dongon & Family, Janine Estigoy & Family, Gemma Mae Sunggay, Joemil B.Dunan & Family, Lourdly Aguelo Aragon, Jose De Juan, Larissa Tiggelers, the Romero Family and the Del Rosario Family.

Pag-unawa is dedicated to Judge Elmo F. Del Rosario. You are always in our thoughts.

EXHIBITIONS: Gallery Shows and Offsite Installations

EXHIBITIONS: Gallery Shows and Offsite Installations

Judge Bato

Judge Bato