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The goal for Elmo's House is to provide a work retreat for visual artists free from everyday distractions. With its tropical location and distinct cultural history, we encourage applicants have a vision that engage the community as well as utilize the surrounding geography. 

Elmo's House is the first artist residency in this region. In supporting contemporary art and bringing international artists to this small town, we strive to foster cultural exchange between the locals and the visiting artists that have a lasting impact.






Elmo's House is located in the small seaside town of Batan, Aklan, Philippines. Elmo's House provides an idyllic retreat for artists to stay for a minimum of two weeks up to two months. The house is right at the heart of a quiet fishing village, within walking distance to secluded beaches and lush mountains. 

Elmo's House is multi-level with six bedrooms and three washrooms. There are two open-air floors designated for studios, that have unobstructed views of the town as well as inspiring sunrises and sunsets. It is a large but simple house with all the necessities to foster a unique experience.

Each artist will have their own private room. Depending on the parameters of the project, we will do our best to help realize the artists' goals by utilizing the resources available. General housekeeping and basic meals will be provided, but artists are required to respect the space and observe basic courtesies.

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To be considered to work at Elmo's House, please ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • You are over 25 years of age
  • You have an exhibition history of three years or more
  • You have graduated from post secondary institution
  • You have proof of a valid Passport and Travel Visa
  • A completed application package as outlined in APPLY page












2017 is the residency's first year of operation and is by invitation only. 

Preceding years will be open to the public with fees to apply. We endeavour to reduce costs for the artists and we are actively pursuing grants and private funding in order to do so. Fee schedule for 2018 will be posted in the Spring of 2017. 


Donations to this project are most welcome and will go towards the upkeep of the space, utilities and the future of this residency. 

We have set up a GOFUNDME campaign to help us achieve our goals. Your contributions will help us reduce costs for the artists as well keep this project going.












Travelling to an unfamiliar place can seem quite daunting. Online information is sparse. But here are some links to start, which provide a good overview about the place, such as cultural happenings, history, customs and other relevant information about Poblacion Batan and The Philippines as a whole:

  • Aklan ForumPoblacion Batan is located in the Province of Aklan. This site posts news from in and around Aklan and gives a good overview of everyday life here. 
  • Wikipedia BATAN AKLAN - Batan is a municipality in the province of Aklan. Poblacion is a 'barangay' in Batan which is where Elmo's House is located. Poblacion Batan has a population of less than 2000 people. 
  • Wikipedia AKLANON PEOPLE - The people of Aklan are called 'AKlanon' and have a rich history.
  • Commisceo Global - This site gives a good overview of the general customs and expectations during social occasions. 
  • Filipiknow - A compilation of contemporary filipino concerns and interests.
  • The Social Cancer - A novel by Joze Rizal, Philippine's National Hero who's likeness is featured in Poblacion Batan's town square.Written during the last years of Spanish occupation, this book drives at the heart of Philippine Independence.
  • The Aswang Project - This site is a great resource to learn more about Philippine mythology and its origins.
  • Decolonizing as a Spiritual Path - Leny Strobel, author, Professor and Chair of American Multicultural Studies Dept at Sonoma State University talks about how to overcome the internalized oppression of colonization.

This list will be updated on an ongoing basis. If you have any suggestions please email us.











Please send your application to In one PDF document, please include the following:

  • Letter of Intent (1 page) Explain your intended project and how this residency will enrich your practice as well as meet our mandate. 
  • Timeline (1 page) State when you wish to take the residency and how you plan to use this time. 
  • Proof of Documents Copy of valid passport and/or travel visa.
  • Budget (1 page) A breakdown of anticipated expenses such as travel, materials, shipping, labour, etc. Please also provide information on how you intend to fund your project and what you need from us.
  • Curriculum Vitae (1 page) Please include contact information, web presence and relevant media links.
  • Artist's Statement (1 page) Special consideration for those that can establish a meaningful connection with the surrounding landscape and/or culture.
  • Past Work (1 image per page) 10 images with title, medium, year. Only include works made within the last 5 years. For digital works, please provide a link.





Please contact us if you have any questions about Elmo's House.