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Batan, Aklan

Sun sets in  Batan

Sun sets in Batan

Entry by Kuh Del Rosario
May 2019

Sunsets in Batan happen quickly. On a clear sky, the sun can be seen taking its leave in just one-half hour. During this shift, it seems every creature is following suit. The birds chirp their fever calls. Swarms flee from the branches of Acacia and Balete trees to somewhere far off. Too, are swarms of fruitbats with their tingy noises as they flock to their nightly perch. Dogs distant and near bark at whomever, competing to be heard. Cicadas and lizards call too while roosters crow from every yard. There are daytime creatures, and then there are the ones that come out at night. At sunset, they meet.

The church bells ring nightly at six o'clock. This is a signal for prayer, to start off for home, and regard the beginning of nightfall.


Between the arms of the great mango trees, a portion of Datu Magsugod Street is visible from the rooftop.

The workday has just ended, and school has let out. Commuters on motorbikes and tricycles zip past; coming from where they were, and heading to where they need to be. 

Beyond, is the river that hugs the edge of town. The water hurries in now, from the sea, and with it much fish. Nets posted along the mangroves will be full.

Two winds take turns dancing with the trees. This season, it is Hagabat from the southeast. Amihan will arrive with the winter, from the northeast.

This is the cool hour, right before supper time. It is pleasant at the plaza, and many enjoy the night air at this favourite spot.

The day's beacon descends just behind the public buildings, to dramatic effect. The last rays gather its waning strength for a final display of light to the six o'clock bells signalling for Orasyon.

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BELLS, 2017

Lyrics by Kuh Del Rosario
Music by Ryan Romero

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