Elmo’s House Artist Residency in Batan, Aklan is a contemporary art project and studio/live space for local and international artists. Established in the centre of the town between mountain and sea, the Residency provides a unique setting to conduct research and create work. 


Elmo's House is accepting applications for 2018


In August 12, 2017 Elmo F. Del Rosario, the Residency's namesake, passed away. To honour his generosity and immeasurable role in building this project, we have created the 2018 Elmo F. Del Rosario Award. It hopes to support two Philippine-based artists with a one month residency during Elmo's House's 2018 programming.





Our campaign will be closing at the end of 2017. Make a donation and become a patron. Help us achieve our campaign goals before the end of the year.